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Control Point Ownership

Control Point Ownership

Most industries follow accepted but often unrecognized rules of competition. We identify those rules, as well as their underlying drivers and assumptions, and support our clients to re-write one or more of them in their favor.

We accomplish this by leveraging our propriety Control Point Ownership TM, a cutting-edge strategic framework built from leading research and specialization in innovative growth strategy development.

Control Point Ownership TM ("CPO") consists of nine modules in three phases. The modules can be deployed as stand alones or combined to form a comprehensive framework, and start with the following:

CPO Module 1: Customer Stewardship
Instead of responding to customers' expressed priorities, Customer Stewardship probes beyond the existing customers and their expressed priorities to steward a potentially redefined or enlarged set of customers to their unexpressed and dormant priorities.

CPO Module 2: Competitor Choice
Instead of static benchmarking and imitable competitive advantages, Competitor Choice focuses on the battles that must be won to capture and leverage the industry's current and future strategic control points.

CPO Module 3: Pre-emptive Renaissance
Instead of confining our clients to their existing competencies, which may no longer be 'core,' Pre-emptive Renaissance helps to regenerate the organization preemptively as required for current and future growth.

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