InnoVal Consulting Group

Strategy And Growth

Growth Strategy

InnoVal is unique among strategy consultancies in five ways:

Breakthrough StrategiesCutting-edge Framework
Upon being presented Control Point Ownership TM, our proprietary framework for identifying and developing innovative growth strategies, business leaders typically compliment its uniqueness and thought leadership.

Focused Expertise
InnoVal specializes in developing breakthrough growth strategies and has been a thought leader in this arena since 1999, as attested by respected business journals.

Cost Effectiveness
Instead of imposing junior staff-heavy consulting teams on clients, our senior staff directly coach and guide client teams or key client officers, leading to drastically lower project cost.

Implemented Solutions
Client team-crafted solutions have built-in organizational support, critical to their full implementation.

Enduring Benefits
The expertise transferred empowers the client officers and team participants to continue to benefit their organization long after the project completion, during the rest of their careers.

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